Listen to this week’s Gospel reading and Sermon

April 10, 2019 Fifth Wednesday in Lent
Galatians 2:15-21
“Open Our Lives, Lord”
April 7, 2019 Fifth Sunday in Lent
Matthew 25:31-46 The Last Judgment
“Jesus is Coming to Dinner”
April 3, 2019 Fourth Wednesday in Lent
Acts 16:11-15
Open Our Hearts, Lord

March 24, 2019 Third Sunday in Lent
Matthew 22:1-14 Wedding Banquet
“God’s Wedding Banquet”
March 20, 2019 Second Wednesday in Lent
Mark 6:1-5 Jesus in His Hometown
“Open our Hands, Lord”
March 17, 2019 Second Sunday in Lent
Matthew 20:1-16 Laborers in the Vineyard
“And the First Shall Be Last”
March 13, 2019 First Wednesday in Lent
Acts 26:4-18 Paul’s Conversion
“Open Our Eyes, Lord”
March 6, 2019 Ash Wednesday
Matthew 18:1-9 Who is the Greatest?
“You Are Dust and To Dust You Shall Return”
March 3, 2019 Transfiguration Sunday
Matthew 16:24-17:8 Transfiguration
“God Interrupts Us”