Listen to this week’s Gospel reading and Sermon

March 3, 2019 Transfiguration Sunday
Matthew 16:24-17:8 Transfiguration
“God Interrupts Us”
February 17, 2019 Sixth Sunday after Epiphany
Matthew 13:24-43 Parable of the Kingdoms
“Tell Me a Story”
February 10, 2019 Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
Matthew 7:1-14,24-29
“The Golden Rule”

February 3, 2019 Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
“Matthew 6:7-21 Treasure in Heaven”
“Our Father, Who Art in Heaven”

January 27, 2019 Third Sunday after Epiphany
“Matthew 5:1-20 Beatitudes”
“God’s Blessings

January 20, 2019 Second Sunday after Epiphany
Matthew 4:1-17 “Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness”
“The Peace of God”
Janaury 13, 2019  First Sunday after Epiphany
Matthew 3:1-17 “Jesus Baptism”
“You Brood of Vipers!”
Janaury 6, 2019  The Epiphany of Our Lord
Matthew 2:1-23 “The Three Magi”
“Is There Anything New?”