Listen to this week’s Gospel reading and Sermon.

December 2, 2018  First Sunday of Advent

On this Sunday, we readied the sanctuary for the Advent Season by decorating the sanctuary and setting up the Nativity Scene.  There were various readings and the youth decorated while we sang some of our favorite hymns and carols.  The recording for this week is of the readings.

“Advent Festival Readings”


November 25, 2018  Christ the King Sunday

Isaiah 36:1-3, 13-20; 37:1-7; then 2:1-4 “Jeremiah’s Temple Sermon”

“Who Do You Trust?”


November 18, 2018  26th Sunday after Pentecost

Isaiah 36:1-3, 13-20; 37:1-7; then 2:1-4 “Swords Into Plowshares”

“Let Go and Let God”


November 11, 2018  25th Sunday after Pentecost

Micah [1:3-5]; 5:2-5a; 6:6-8 “Micah”

“Walk Humbly With God”


November 4, 2018  All Saints

2 Kings 5:1-15a “Elisha Heals Naaman”

“For All the Saints”


October 28, 2018  Reformation Sunday

1 Kings 3:4-9, (10-15), 16-28 “Solomon’s Wisdom”

“Grant Us Wisdom”


October 21, 2018  22nd Sunday after Pentecost

2 Samuel 11:1-5, 26-27; 12:1-9; “David & Bathsheba”

“Create in Me a Clean Heart”


October 14, 2018  21st Sunday after Pentecost

Joshua 24:1-15 “Joshua Renews the Covenant”

“Sharing Our Stories”


October 7, 2018  20th Sunday after Pentecost

Exodus 19:3-7; 20:1-17 “Covenant & Commandments”

“What the World Needs Now”


September 30, 2018  19th Sunday after Pentecost

Exodus 14:5-7, 10-14, 21-29 “Rescue at Sea”

“The Parting of the Red Sea”


September 23, 2018  18th Sunday after Pentecost

Genesis 39:1-23 “Joseph in Prison”

“Not Today Satan, Not Today”


September 16, 2018 Rally Sunday 

Genesis “The Flood”

“Noah’s Ark”


August 19, 2018 13th Sunday after Pentecost 

Today’s service was a journey of the church year from Advent thru Easter.  We read from the Gospels of Matthew & Luke.

“A Church Year in a Day”